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Information guides

This section of the blog is intended to give visitors to our website information on asking the right questions to help them make the right decision when making major purchases so they get the right product for them first time. These guides will explain in simple, easy to understand terms what some of the complex phrases mean so you don't feel left behind when chatting to store fact you may know more than them!

Information guides
Information guides

Email Scams. A few key points.

posted in Information guides by Kelly on 14:33 Apr 13th, 2017

Everyone will have seen one of these emails maybe without even knowing it.. the ones that tell you a long lost relative […] read more >>

Information guides

Selling or Buying Used Electronic Goods?

posted in Information guides by Kelly on 13:23 Apr 10th, 2017

These days people sell electronic gadgets online all the time through places like Facebook, eBay, Amazon and Gumtree. My […] read more >>

Information guides

Malwarebytes State Ransomware Will remain a threat

posted in Information guides by Kelly on 15:16 Feb 15th, 2017

Malware is something that should be taken into account by all internet users despite the device in use. There are a cert […] read more >>

Information guides

Data Loss - Back Up Options in Simple Terms

posted in Information guides by Kelly on 16:12 Aug 15th, 2016

Data Loss - Reducing Risks. Create a Backup! Synopsis Have you ever been through that heartbreaking and catastrophic […] read more >>

Information guides

Dust - The number 1 Killer!

posted in Information guides by Kelly on 14:39 Jul 11th, 2016

Dust - the number 1 killer! I have been working with computers here about 7 years now and over this time I have seen […] read more >>

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