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 Here at Sivill Service we do our best to offer help and advice. This comes for free! Over the years we have had many enquiries into what TV to buy and what laptop to buy alongside what all the technical jargon means. Can you honestly explain to me what a HD TV? Or what the difference is between a plasma screen and an LED TV? How about the differences between a tablet and laptop? What are the pros and cons of a PC versus a laptop? When purchasing goods these are important factors to consider........

This is where we can offer some help. We have created a series of PDF files that give information and explanations as to what to buy and what some of the mind boggling terms mean. These files are free to download and use. Reproduction of these files is subject to copyright and with consent only. We intend for these files to be informative, helpful and easy to understand. If you have any comments or questions feel free to ask or leave feedback via Twitter or Facebook. This helps us to develop these files as things change and new technology is developed. 

So until we can get sorted with the website company to host the PDF files for the help guides, we have put this information into posts on our blog. This can be accessed from the website. There are unique offers and info on there so it is worth keeping an eye out.



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