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Laptop and PC Services

As with TVs we offer a huge range of repairs and services for laptops and computers. These range from replacing faulty parts to complete overhauls. Many people do not realise how much junk is on their laptop and/or personal computer. This is both in the data and physical forms. Laptops and computers have an internal part called a heatsink that works alongside your fan to cool the machine down. This is akin to a radiator grill in a car. When it becomes blocked with dust, fluff and debris it cannot breathe and to protect itself the machine will get slower and slower and will start turning itself off at random times.


Reapplying of heatsink compound and a physical clean out of your machine to ensure that the internal workings are moving and working as they should without the hindrance of dust and fluff.  Many people use laptops in bed and this is a killer environment for laptops. They are an area high in dust and fluff.  This process carries a charge of £20 plus return costs. Please refer to our shipping chart information.


For all our local customers and those visiting the area we have advertised a free service to clear the dust and debris from your laptops and computers along with other dust attracting electrical goods. Simply bring your goods in any time during our opening times and a member of our staff will happily use our specialist compressor and airline to blow at an appropriate and effective pressure the dust and associated debris from the machine. THIS SERVICE IS FREE of charge and will help to dramatically increase the lifetime of your goods.


Other computer based services include data destruction of any physical media including hard drives (internal or external), USB pen drives and memory cards. This is done using a professional and licensed data cleansing software. Reports stating that this process has been completed can be provided upon request. This service carries a charge of £35 per item and we offer discount for multiples too. There is also a return cost where applicable in accordance with our shipping chart. Inland for a single drive this is likely to come free of charge.


We also carry out data retrieval. This is a time consuming and difficult task to complete and unfortunately it offers no promises to 100% success. This is especially true if the hard drive or data-containing media is damaged in anyway. Prices for this service start at £50 plus return costs where applicable. We endeavour to recover as much data as possible but we offer no promises and guarantees of success.


Amongst other services we offer are operating installs that are carried out at a flat fee of £45. For this service to be completed there has to be a legible Microsoft product key on the machine. The machine will be returned to you fully working with all drivers installed and updates done to the best of our ability. The machine will have the product key activated with Microsoft to show that it is a genuine install using your existing OEM licence. Again this service carries any relevant return costs as detailed in the shipping table.


We offer a power socket replacement service and USB socket replacement. These services start at £55 plus return shipping where applicable. There is a 30 day warranty with this service which does not cover any further damage to the socket by the user.


We offer upgrade services where possible. This can be simply upgrading your machines RAM memory of adding a WIFI card. The price varies and will be tailored around your needs. Please contact us for further details and quotes. All prices are subject to the addition of any applicable return fees.  

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