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Any warranty we provide does not include any damage sustained as a result of user error, inability to fit parts or spares or misuse of the item. All items are inspected twice before shipping and everything is security marked and sent carrying your sales reference number.

Unless otherwise stated in an item description, all items are sold with a 90 day return to base warranty. This means that it is down to the buyer to return the item to us but they will be repaired or exchanged and returned to you. With prior agreement in some cases the cost of returning the item maybe negotiated.

Your warranty is provided by us and not the manufacturer. All plasma screen and LCD TVs are sold with a year’s warranty that begins from the date of purchase. This warranty will last for the stated period only. In the event of the purchase of computers, TVs and laptops your warranty does not cover consumables such as remotes, power supplies or external cables.

Laptop batteries are a consumable item. We do our best to ensure that any battery we supply holds a charge. The life and longevity of any battery is not included within your warranty. We try and state in an item description if a battery is known to not hold any charge or to hold very little. We cannot be certain of the life of any battery. Manufacturers mostly do not cover batteries in a warranty either!

Laptop and computer warranties do not cover any damage caused as a result of misuse, neglect or improper use. This includes any damage to the item as a result of heat due to an inability to ensure that your machine is squeaky clean on the inside. Please ensure that all fans, heatsinks and vents are cleaned out regularly of dust and debris. These can cause your machine to overheat and this will result in an invalid warranty.

Laptop and computer warranties cover the hardware aspect of the machine. It does not cover any software installed. Any fault with the software is the buyer’s responsibility and cost to repair. All our machines are installed with OEM operating systems using the original licence supplied with the machine. They are not sold with any form of removable media e.g. CDROMS.

Removal of any warranty seal from any item supplied by us will result in loss of full or partial warranty. All items are security marked using the latest technology to avoid errors. Due to all details of every item we handle that enters our stock being stored on our internal database it also makes it easy to identify. In the event that your item maybe stolen we may be able to help by supplying model and serial number details. The items will also be marked by us giving a clever but difficult to detect identifier. 

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